Whitewater Rafting
Whitewater Kayaking
Mari Mari Cultural Village


If you need double the adventure, fun and excitement; this package is suitable for you. Come and explore the unique and authentic packages created for the wanderlust people.

Kiulu White Water Rafting + Jungle Trekking & Kampung Walk

Kiulu White Water Rafting + Zipline @ Flying Fox

Kiulu White Water Rafting + Proboscis Monkey + FireFlies Tour

Kiulu White Water Rafting + Mari Mari Cultural Village

Rafting in Kiulu River & explore the magnificent countryside, home to the Dusun tribe by trekking at Tuaran district.

After Kiulu White Water Rafting, zip across the Kiulu River via Flying Fox.

After rafting take a leisurely boat cruise along the Klias/Weston River with scenic view of forests which inhabit the curious-looking Proboscis Monkey

After Rafting in Kiulu River experience glimpses of the rich Sabah culture at Mari Mari Cultural Village

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